Chapter TEN

To half past seven in the morning Mary Fishers already was in her office. At those hours nobody had gotten still to work. She was first in arriving. She was anxious to know the official results the Mgen1702 Project provided by the original program 4GLium. Still it lacked thirty minutes so that those results were available. For that reason, she programmed her time to make different pending tasks from her approval and other that she had to study.

Minutes before the eight in the morning she listened to the slight murmur of her fellow workers, as they were gotten up to his corresponding places. Mrs. Wilcox called to the door and burst in into her office.

- Good morning Miss Fishers, do you wants that I brings the white coffee to her?

- Yes. Thanks Mrs. Wilcox.

Although all the mornings Mary have the same, Mrs. Wilcox always asked it with education. Spent minutes, she brought her white coffee, depositing the tray in her table.

Mary watched the clock and thought that probably already the provisional results would be available. She opened to the computer science program 4GLium. She introduced the pertinent passwords and next it appeared in the computer a cascade of results. Mary wanted to avoid those that were less important and looked for the global data quickly.

She was perplex. Their eyes watched the screen fixedly. She did not blink. She took to her right hand on the forehead, pressing it with the thumbs and heart, closing the eyes at the same time. It retired, she opened the ayes and returned to read the data:

PM1702TAI; PM1702NIG; PM1702UGA; PM1702BRA;

Vaccinated.......................................12,000 Person
Placebo...............................................6,000 Person
Vac15721............................................6,000 Person
HIV-positives with placebo..................651 Person
HIV-positives with Vac15721...............734 Person
Placebo not analyzed..............................32 Person
Vac15721 not analyzed...........................25 Person

She did not understand anything. Her mind remained in target. Her body shook with a sensation of rage and frustration. She gave a punch on the table. She closed the program. She returned it to open and she initiated all the process again, but she visualized such results again. How was possible that? How could be totally positive the provisional results of the Doctor Carrie Galloway and, nevertheless, the global data of the four studies to be so negative? How could have 734 people who had become infected with the Virus of the AIDS in spite of being vaccinated with the Vaccine 15721? That meant that the vaccine was not effective and that it would be a full failure.

It could not be. She tried to tranquilize themselves and to recover the calm thus to be able to put order in her thoughts. An idea was happened to her. She asked for to the computer the data of the study of the Doctor Carrie Galloway:


Vaccinated......................................4.000 Person
Placebo............................................2.000 Person
Vac15721.........................................2.000 Person
HIV-positives with placebo...............212 Person
HIV-positives with Vac15721............261 Person
Placebo not analyzed...........................13 Person
Vac15721 not analyzed..........................9 Person

Mary Fishers did not give credit to those data. The global results of the project indicated to her that that one was a failure and, reciprocally, the results of the study of Galloway Doctor confirmed to her the same.

But, why the data that the previous night with her computer analyzed informed to her that the number of HIV-positives with the Vaccine15721 was zero? Which represented the success of the investigation which they carried out. And, nevertheless, now, the official data indicated to her that there were 261 vaccinated people who were infected with the virus.

Thoughtful remained. She turned her armchair and watched in the direction of the window. To watch the transparency of the blue sky comforted to her and, often, she used like therapy relaxing. Also she conducted that battle when she had to think and to analyze a certain situation. In spite of the problem that she had on the table, she had relaxed. She was not safe, but she wanted to investigate more thoroughly. She thought, that perhaps, only his brother could help her.

- Digital Moon. Say me.

- Sara, I am Mary Fishers. I want to speak with my brother.

- Waits a moment, Miss Fishers, immediately him step.

The president and founder of Digital Moon were her brother. Alec Fishers was twenty five years old and was affected of an infantile cerebral paralysis, fundamentally of motor type, as a result of a fetal suffering during the childbirth. He had not undergone affectation of the cerebral regions where intelligence is located, and it allowed to be equipped him with a talent outside the normal thing, developing an intellectual coefficient of 152.

He studied computer science engineering and of telecommunications in the Massachusetts Institute Technological. Digital Moon Technology in 1996 created, before finishing the superior studies, transferring the company to the north of Los Angeles, near Glendale, in 1998. Their battle area was the programs of management to optimize the resources of Internet and both last years he was transformed into a company leader in the sector.

- Mary!

- Hello. How are you?

- Very occupied - he responded, with guttural voice -, already you know that we are working in diverse computer science programs that we must finish. There are many companies pressing to us so that we finalize them because they need them for its strategies business in the network.

- I am glad for you… Alec, I have see you. I want give you the great news.

- What?

- I would like that we saw and tell you in person - she said, reflecting joy in her tone of voice.

- Yes. But, say me something. Tell me of what he goes - Alec insisted.

- It is very important for me. It is better than I does not say anything to you by telephone. I prefer say you in person - she asserted, having the news with a mystery air.

- All right. When do we see ourselves?

- I invite you to have lunch with me. Seems you well at one o`clock sharp?

- Today same! So that as much haste?

- Already I say you that it is very important - she said, almost imploreing.

- Fine. Where we see ourselves?

- In my house. I will happen through Carmen´s and I will buy those delicatessen European that as much you like.

- Good, if it is thus, there I will be.

The relation between both brothers was excellent. The invitation to lunc was only a pretext, since Mary knew beforehand that Alec would go at any time to an appointment with her, whenever she requested it. In the same way, if she had been the other way around, she also would have acceded.

The failure can obstruct the soul of a person, but the frustration and the impotence can corrode all their being. Thoughtful, Mary Fishers went that morning to the meeting with Christopher Norton. During the passage she tried to control to disguise the insecurity that tied down it. She had to communicate the results to him of the Mgen1702 Project and of making up the disastrous result with some other option that was likely. The proposal set and it was only question to hope the opportune moment to drop it, taking advantage of a game words or her power of conviction, everything with the intention to heave her failure.

Mrs. Myers, secretary of Dr. Norton, communicated through intercom the visit to him of Mary.

- Miss Fishers, already you enter, Dr. Norton delay you.

- Thanks, Mrs. Myers.

Christopher Norton was seated in his table. He read a newspaper. Without raising the sight he said to Mary who seated. She obeyed. He continued reading, without paying attention to Mary. To despise his subordinates was an art that handled with premeditation. He enchanted to him to create a tension atmosphere to obtain a total submission.

- Well, Mary, do you have those happy results? - he asked, with roughness, while he closed the newspaper.

- Yes. They are already analyzed - Mary responded, with brevity.

- And? …

- They are not what we hoped…

- You want to be more explicit, Mary - Christopher Norton responded, with tone irate.

- Then… - she said, doubtful -, we have analyzed a twenty percent of results and there are 734 HIV-positives with Vaccine 15721.

- And HIV-positives with placebo?

- 651 people.

HIV-positives meant the number of people infected by the virus and able to develop the disease. The positive cases in those people to which placebo was administered to them were normal in this type of scientific experiments, but they would not have to be it in which the vaccine had been provided to them, if it were tried to obtain a positive result.

- Then! … That means that…

- Yes. What you are thinking.

- That the vaccine is not effective - he said raising the voice, while he put myself standing up.

- Quite so! we have more of a twelve percent of HIV-positives people - Mary responded, night love song, from her seat.

Christopher Norton was bad-tempered. He began to walk by the room. One stopped, he watched through the window, he gave average return and one went towards her.

- Mary, do you know what supposes all this? - he said, outlining a malevolent smile.

- I create to guess it - she agreed, with brevity, while beat with the fingers on the table.

- No, you not guess it - he said, exasperated -. You have failed - Mary, remained in silence -. You have failed - he returned to repeat.

- It is not a failure only mine - she talked back, arrogant, watching it to the eyes, challenging.

- How it is not a failure only yours! - he said, of insolent form, indicating her with the finger.

- In the Project more many people have worked. I believe that it is a failure of all the company.

- The company! You are the unique person in charge and the inductive one of all the Project. The consequences and the losses are for Microgensyn - he adduced, angrily, while he moved like a possessed person by the room. Mary did not understand the scene. She knew that brought the bad news and was prepared for the consequences, but did not wait for that reaction -. You know a thing, also you will lament it, your reputation as scientist to will be suspect prohibition.

- I do not think so. Nobody has still prevailed in this field. I have contributed with my work to the progress of science and Microgensyn has benefitted economically from substantial form. I believe that I have the right to demand a confidence vote and to ask for an explicit support - responded she, safe of itself.

- Mary, in spite of everything, do you have the brazenness to demand our support and the one of the Laboratory? What expensive that you have! Microgensyn is not at readiness to support to anybody at the moment and less still to run the risk of which public becomes this failure, mainly when Bioconn steps on the heels to us and is going to announce the discovery of its vaccine - Christopher Norton tried to impress Mary and he did not doubt in arriving at the insult. He knew that she did not know the project of fusion of both laboratories.

- Of that I am in charge – she said, furious -. Do you forget that this behind schedule I have the appointment with Jeff Colleman?

- Frankly, Mary, I do not trust you.

- You are mistaken, Christopher - she sentenced.

- Hold me informed.

- You do not doubt it.

Mary Fishers left sorrowful the Christopher Norton office, but with the satisfaction of having fulfilled. They were partial only results. When she had the final result of the clinical test, it would be the moment for drawing conclusions and for analyzing what is what it had failed. She had the impression to be closely together to obtain the vaccine. The test with the suitable modifications could repeat, although after the conversation with the Dr Norton it would be to her more complicated since there was lost her support. She knew that the expectations of expansion of Microgensyn were based on that Project to which she dedicated a very important part of her life. In addition, she would not move backwards until obtaining an effective vaccine against the AIDS, with or without Microgensyn, on it it depended her professional and sentimental success. She jeopardize by a formal promise, now could not fail.

Christopher Norton remained immovable watching one of the abstract figures that were in the office. He thought about the conversation with Mary, but he was not satisfied. He had the impression of to have gained a victory in the last second. He did not entrust myself in her. He knew that she was wounded in his pride, that never occurred by won and which at any time she could counterattack. Sometimes, a defeat is the flexion point that makes win a battle.

The false badly humour, opened the way to a contained expression of joy. The succession of facts was developed as they had been glided. Mary Fishers had a meaning for Christopher Norton and a word defined it with certainty: problems. The best remedy for a hindrance is to clear it of in the middle and the future of the Dr Norton in the Laboratory it happened to undo of Mary. The excessive ambition of being able of Christopher Norton was obstructed by the possibility of success of the vaccine against the AIDS, whose maximum exponent was Mary Fishers.

Christopher Norton offed-hook the telephone and marked to the number of the office of Arthur Sullivan, through the reporting line.

- Christopher, tell me – Arthur Sullivan said, that he waited for the call of the Dr Norton.

- Resolute problem – Christopher Norton answered.

- Do you have met already with Mary Fishers?

- She finishes leaving my office.

- And… do you are sure that the problem is solved?

- You do not have doubt.

- Then… has swallowed it? – Arthur Sullivan asked.

- I lodge my doubts, but I believe that yes.

- Christopher, do you have doubts? That is new in you.

- They are reasonable doubts. You know Mary Fishers very well. Better than I. You know her tenacity and that never is climbed down by anything. She is always necessary to grant to her the benefit of the doubt - it responded with diplomacy Christopher Norton.

- How behaved Mary when she communicated the failure to you of the vaccine? – Arthur Sullivan inquired, eager to know the details.

- With resignation.

- Do you watched she at the eyes?

- Yes. I followed your advice.

- What expressed?

- Serenity.

- I do not like… I believe that she has deceived to you.

- Why? - Christopher Norton asked, surprised.

- Because she is his way to act when something does not go well. The more worried she is, the more calm behaves - Arthur Sullivan responded, seating chair.

- Therefore do you create it?

- Doubt does not fit to you. She is tremendously meticulous in her work. She has been years working in the vaccine. She has studied, detected and modified each one of the parts susceptible to fail and she has perfected it until she achieved a full success when she experienced it in the virtual model that she designed by computer, verifying that produced an effective and lasting immunity.

- I agree - Christopher Norton said.

- For that reason same, now she is not going to accept the failure thus as well as. The messages that received from the Dr. Migeon and the Dr. Galloway were very positive and let glimpse the magnificent expectations of the vaccine. Frankly, by her expression, she knows that something does not go well – Arthur Sullivan asserted.

- She can think what wants, thus his torture will be greater. She will never discover the magnificent qualities of 4GLium and the possibility that we must to be able to manipulate the information that is analyzed through it - Christopher Norton replaced, while he laughed satisfied.

- I do not like that you laugh at her, Christopher. Nor that you use those terms with Mary. I do not want that this is a torture for her - Arthur Sullivan reprimanded to him -. In addition, now we must have much well-taken care of since she is wounded. Furious she can represent a danger that we do not have to despise. You do not forget it.

- Excuse me. Only I have let myself take by the emotion to have deceived Mary Fishers. Now yes that we have her against the cords.

- Surely, but despite, now he is better not to lose sight of her. Get ready all the necessary so that she is watched the twenty four hours of the day. I do not want that she discovers nothing - Arthur Sullivan concluded.

Christopher Norton mentally reproached the error that had committed. He knew the esteem that felt Arthur Sullivan by Mary Fishers and he always stayed to the margin of that relation, trying to hide his feelings towards her. In ahead he would have to be more careful because a thing was the trap that had tended to her, in both sense, by the good of the interests of Microgensyn, and another one emitting value judgments that left their figure in prohibition.

- Mrs. Myers, find me to Dr Hodgkins. I want to speak with him - Christopher Norton ordered.

Pascale Carter parked her car in the place destined guests. She dressed trousers clamps dark-brown green colour and a jacket to game, white blouse discreetly fit, low-cut sandals of fine strips and means heel. The set heightened her beauty and showed the wonderful architecture of her figure. In the left hand she took a small portfolio of skin.

Arthur Sullivan opened the door and invited her to happen to his office. He proposed to her to seat without repairing in her anatomy nor in the perfect conjunction of her clothes. The elegance that is always exhibited with naturalness happens unnoticed.

- Do you have to drink something, Pascale?

- Non. Thanks.

- Do you have the documents? Is in rule? – he asked, with avidity.

- Yes. Here they are - Pascale removed from her portfolio a bound document, which give it an importance air, and left upon the table, at sight of Arthur Sullivan -. Everything is in sequence - with decision, she assured.

Arthur Sullivan threw a look to the memorandum in that the conditions decided for the fusion of the two companies were reflected, with the clauses imposed by each one of the parts, and the date in which would have validity the document. Before closing he verified it the companies and later he gave his approval.

- Congratulations. You have made a good work - Arthur Sullivan personified in her all the work of her writing desk of lawyers.

- To work well is my obligation. For that you have contracted to me – she responded, disguising with false modesty.

- By the way, what do you think in the agreement?

- It is satisfactory for the two parts. Now you will enjoy a period of four years to direct the new company and with a good Microgensyn strategy will be perpetuated in the power, and what at first it was a fusion, it will finish being an absorption - she said, with calm tone, interpreting the desire of him accurately -. However, some shade exists with which I do not agree and that is precise to correct as rapidly as possible.

- Which? – Arthur Sullivan interrupted.

- It is dangerous to admit the parity of three actions of Bioconn by one of Microgensyn. I believe that you pay a too high price. Four to one would be the acceptable thing.

Doubtlessly, Pascale was right. Arthur Sullivan observed her now fascinated. Her beauty did not cause any danger to him, to his age the culture of the power was more fascinating than the one of the passion. What it captivated to him of her and he envied at the moment was the explosive mixture of youth, daring, preparation and ambition.

- What do you propose? - he said.

- You already know my proposal and I hope that you have plot some plan. The time urges - she responded, having a feeling who was in the certain thing and with the security of which she would make her contributor. In order to cause him got up and she supported her elbows on the table.

- The plan is prepared and on the verge of beginning. We are going to use Mary Fishers - Arthur Sullivan advanced to her.

- To that! - she exclaimed, outlining a face.

- What happens today with Mary Fishers? - he inquired, using a tone of rough voice, as a reprimand.

- Why?

- Because today everybody seems conspired against her. You are the second person who speaks today contemptuously of Mary.

- It has not been my intention - she said, trying to attenuate the saying, preferring to emit in this occasion a pious lie -. Excuse me if my expression has bothered to you.

- He is not that. I do not tolerate that it is spoken bad of my collaborator - responded he, with a tone of authority in his voice.

The ethics is a common doctrine that many practice with hypocrisy, shown with codes elaborated custom-made of one same one. Arthur Sullivan was one of those. His philosophy of the life passed through a stubborn defense of the company and all the relative one to her, without retracting, sometimes, in humiliating facts for his employees when the beneficiary was the company, to whom nevertheless defended through thick and thin when the situation required it.

- It will not return to happen.

- I believe that you must know our plan - said he, retaking the departure point of the conversation, to the time that was put standing up and began to walk by the office -. We are going to use Mary Fishers to spy on Jeff Colleman and so that she finds out everything what can about his vaccine.

- It seems to me a guessed right idea. But, why she? – Pascale Carter asked, demonstrating her interest, while she followed him with the glance.

- Because she is the only person of our company that is to the scientific height of Jeff Colleman.

- Do you thing that will obtain it?

- I have my doubts, but I trust her. She is very pressed and will react.

- Do you have already some information?

- Still not. They were known in Spain and they left together. Today they are going away to see in Bioconn.

- Very interesting. We needed essential and real information with which we pruned to discredit to Bioconn and to cause that it lowers its quotation in stock market. We cannot be exposed to disclose the news that could refute right away - she affirmed.

Pascale Carter accompanied each word and each phrase with own gestures, nothing stereotyped, that used to call the attention and to maintain the thread of the conversation. She had the blond hair, very short, that combed of different ways according to the occasion. Expressive eyes, of a blue colour transparency. A done mouth to smile, but that as soon as she was allowed, due to the severity of her character.

- You would have to speak with her and to explain to her what is what we needed that investigates - proposed Arthur Sullivan, while closed the documentation that Pascale had given to him.

- I would loved. But…Whereupon pretext do I appear before Mary Fishers? – Pascale Carter asked, before putting itself standing up.

- Say you just like we, that is very important for the future of Microgensyn, which we have contracted your writing desk to elaborate a project of commercial and economic development on great scale, and that for that reason we needed to know what it is happening in Bioconn to make the most appropriate decisions.

The proposal flattered to her, and by anything of the world she had said that not. The vanity is the queen of the qualities who has all person who has obtained all the professional objectives that she had been marked. Pascale Carter against Mary Fishers. Woman against woman. The letters against sciences. Two women forged with tenacity, pride, dynamism and work. A shock of vehement personalities with the subtle shrewdness, the intuition and the character to know how to leave for morning what today it is not possible to be obtained.

Pascale left the office of Arthur Sullivan pleased with the challenge which she would have to face. In any conversation that always maintained with the executives of Microgensyn it appeared the name of Mary Fishers: like person who had obtained such-and-such discovery, that their profits had contributed to the Laboratory an enormous economic benefit, that their opinions always were considered by it precise and pragmatic that they were. An accumulation of events and experiences had mined his curiosity until the point to wait for with treachery the moment for getting to know that woman.

The occasion had it before himself. With the cleverness of the predator she waited for the opportune moment, without haste, and now her heart was accelerated, while she crossed the corridors of Microgensyn to the encounter of Mary. And her deep glance, evoked the memory of the previous day, when Christopher Norton appeared.

Mrs. Wilcox was occupied in the elaboration of information. Her time was consumed between the computer, the printer, the photocopier and the ordered piling up of the different sheet of apper that conformed the copies that were making. In order to finalize, she designed a cover where it emphasized in red colour the title of the scientific study: Frecuencia of the mutations of the gene “env” of the VIH. More down, in blue, the author of the study consisted.

A plate in the door that put: “Mary Fishers, Director of Investigation”, in white letters on gray bottom, called the attention of Pascale Carter and knew that she had arrived at her destiny.

- Good morning. I am looking for Mary Fishers.

- Miss Fishers is not at the moment in her office. Do you are make n appointment with her? - Mrs. Wilcox asked, while she placed the information in a shelf.

- I am Pascale Carter. I am not an appointment but it is very important. I must speak with her.

- To Miss Fishers does not like that they interrupt it while she is working. However, I will communicate your presence to her. You can take seat, if you wishes it - Mrs. Wilcox knew that to Mary did not like to receive to anybody of unexpected form, but her office made her have a feeling that was not a visit anyone, reason why chose to locate her.

- You are very nice - she responded, been thankful.

Mary Fishers was in the laboratory next to Brett Johnson. Both watched alternatively on the window of observation of an electron microscope and, later, it gave each one his opinion about a represented geometric figure in the screen of the computer. They debated on the possibility to place a radical in one or another one locus of the figure. They worked in a new project, in the design of which in the future it would be a drug against the AIDS.

Her concentration was interrupted by the sound of the telephone. Brett took it.

- Taking Mary, is for you. She is Mrs. Wilcox.

- Say me, Mrs. Wilcox.

- Excuse me Miss Fishers. I know that you does not like to receive unexpected visits, but is one lady here whom she loves to speak with you. She says that it is important.

- Who is?

- Is Pascale Carter.

When she heard her name was made an impression and felt the curiosity to know the reason that would have Pascale Carter to come to speak with her to its office, without announcing her arrival beforehand.

- Well done! Say you that I will receive her at a moment.

Brett and Mary continued minutes more engaging in a dialog on the molecule in which they were working, until they agreed. Many years ago, the discovery of new drugs to fight different diseases was centered in the exhaustive molecule search in the nature, but in the last years, helped by extraordinary computer science programs and supercomputers, that process was made before the screens of these. Molecules are designed and their effects are analyzed on different virtual animal models. Through this process those chains are eliminated of the drug that can produce undesirable effects and those are added that are thought that they are going to be beneficial. The process is very complex but effective in many occasions. When the sufficient evidences of the effectiveness of he himself are had, the industrial production of the drug begins to initiate the following phase of investigation: the experimentation in the model suitable animal to value if those effects that they had programmed to obtain with the chemical agent are positive or on the contrary is a failure.

- Good morning, Miss Carter - Mary Fishers saluted, in the waiting room of her office, in the presence of Mrs. Wilcox. With courtesy, Mary gave to a pair of kisses to Pascale Carter and soon she invited her to enter after her.

- I would like that you called Pascale to me. He is more family.

- All right, Pascale.

The office of Mary was of great proportions, well illuminated and very functional. Her table was located at heart and around her all the average technicians who needed to develop their work. In the wall of the left there was a slate of plasticized material and in her different chemical formulas and several chains were labeled that, interlaced, formed a molecule. In front of her one was a rectangular table and several chairs, that used for the meetings that maintained with their team of collaborator. Pascale Carter observed with meticulousness each one of the decorative details, she called her the attention the great amount of plants and flowers different and the taken care of careful brightness and from these.

- Your office is original - Pascale said, to be well -. It smells of nature, although… This more seems a forest that the office of a scientist!

- I do not believe that you has come up to here to think on my plants nor I know whichever offices of scientists has visited you - Mary replaced, with dry tone, while she caressed a spathiphyllum of white flowers.

- No, I have not come to speak of her plants - Pascale responded, butcher.

- And… I can know what I must the honour of your visit? - Mary asked, with irony.

- Before, I would like to say you that I have the best references of you and who his professional trajectory seems to me excellent - Pascale Carter was moderate, while she walked towards Mary.

- That already I know it. It is not necessary that it flatters to me - responded Mary, becoming towards Pascale.

- The case is that… - Pascale advanced towards the plants and fixed her glance to ciclamen of green leaves and pink flowers -, I have come to speak of your investigation.

- To what research talks about? My department has different lines of research.

- To the mission that has been in charge you with respect to Jeff Colleman - Pascale avoided to pronounce the word to spy.

- Ah, yes! What do you paint in this subject? – Mary said, challenging, to be on familiar terms to her, advancing towards her -. It seems to be that everybody is to the current and that the last one in finding out I have been.

- If she serves to you as consolation, you have not been the last one - she responded, treating her also to be on familiar terms.

- What plus gives – Mary responded, with weariness.

- I have only come to help you - Pascale asserted, becoming and watching her at the eyes.

- To help me! In what?

- In obtaining what we looked for as rapidly as possible and avoid you unnecessary problems.

- And, what is what we looked? Because at the moment you seem the director of operations and if my memory serves me right, you do not work in this company, I am mistaken? or perhaps you are the lost link? - Mary Fishers was sarcastic.

- She did not wait for a so infantile behavior, Mary. Your scientific preparation will be very praiseworthy, but your behavior is evident that is not to the suitable height - Pascale Carter spit out to her, turning aside the glance towards the photo that was in the table of Mary.

- We are going to see - Mary said, taking his open handed been towards ahead and dropping the head in oblique sense -, first you appears this way without warning, soon one dispatches to taste with my plants and now you offends to me leaving in prohibition my education. I create, Miss Carter, who our conversation has been finished, I nothing else do not have to speak with you - now Mary had the hands put in her waist, the separated legs, and whenever she assumed that position she was because she was very contented or, on the contrary, very furious. The evidence, at the moment, did not need more commentaries.

- You are mistaken, Mary. By the way, why do you speak to me now in not familiar terms? - a pause did -. We have still not finished.

Mary Fishers was disturbed. She was always the one that issued the orders and nobody dared to deal with her that way, of you to you, biting, and sometimes with scorn when she spoke to her of backs. She interposed between her and the table, she took to the photo in which appeared laughing she and his brother and changed it of place. Soon she added:

- It is well. Say to what has come and soon go away.

- I want that you obtains a information that is valuable for Microgensyn.

- We are going to clarify the things, do you want or want Microgensyn? - she said, avoiding to pronounce a swearword -. Because at this point no longer I know of whom receipt orders, if of you or them.

- Who issues the orders is Arthur Sullivan. All the others we obey. My writing desk of lawyers is working for Microgensyn. We worked in a project of expansion of the company on great scale. Bioconn is our more direct competitor more and, if it fits, if they are able to commercialize the vaccine against the AIDS.

- Making specific, what do you need of me? - she interrupted, avoiding the unnecessary roundups.

- We needed to know the state present of the investigation of the vaccine and, in case that this one is a reality, you will have to rob all the documentation that causes that its commercialization is delayed and that it allows us to gain a valuable time - Pascale Carter was warned of the interest that showed Mary and her change of attitude per moments.

- That already knew it – Mary responded with spite.

- All right, but it is precise to clarify that probably you do not have to rob nothing, but simply to be very kind to everything what you see and you listen, perhaps that serves to you as reference to find what we looked for.

- And, what do you are going to do with that information?

- At the moment, it is not necessary to advance events. You, he fulfills your mission, and soon already you will find out – Pascale Carter responded with authority, before occurring the return and undertaking the retirement way.

Pascale Carter left the office and Mary Fishers remained thoughtful during seconds. She analyzed his behavior and she reached the conclusion that she had not been guessed right, but considering the sibylline way and perspicacious to express of Pascale Carter probably yes, that was adapted.

She did not guess right to understand the insistence on the part of their superior nor reasons that they would protect to Microgensyn to act of that way. A so serious company and with the prestige worked with multiple scientific discoveries could build of that form neither to lay the foundations its commercial and financial development in the spying, and the less still to use for such necessity an inexpert and inexperienced person. The doubt had made her recall to mind and reach the conclusion that it was not possibly the first time that Microgensyn used those techniques, although she, dedicated in body and soul to her investigating work, did not see beyond her eyes and she never suspected that under that appearance of notoriety a way hid ruin to obtain its goals.

She supposed that the reasons would be the sufficiently important thing so that Pascale Carter also took part in that plot. First, Arthur Sullivan and Christopher Norton, and now Pascale. Without a doubt, there would be more involved people to whom she would have to discover and to draw for with skill before the imminent danger that she hung myself over her. She was already catched and now she could not escape. About her internal law, she thought to rebel itself against that situation and to obtain the information that they demanded to her, but his curiosity prevented her to end her work at that time, reason why she would try to arrive at the bottom and to discover why Microgensyn used gangster methods to subsist in the dominant position that occupied in world-wide the pharmaceutical industry.

She was tense and as therapy to relax took a utensil and she dedicated himself to sprinkle with very small drops the plants. She remembered the appointment that she had to lunch with her brother but still she had time, reason why left the office and one went towards the laboratory where she would continue working with Brett Johnson.

In the station on watch Shell there was tail to supply itself of gasoline. Habitually that did not happen to the one o’clock of the noon, being more frequent to average behind schedule, when people left the work and she went to his houses. Behind the powerboat there was a commercial area with an ample parking, that to those hours was average desert, and the few cars that were parked looked for the shade of the metallic awnings.

Dr Hodgkins filled the gas tank of his Chevrolet and after putting the cork he cleaned the hands with a towel of paper. After paying, he raised in the car and slowly one went towards the restaurant that was between the powerboat and the commercial center.

He was one of those premises of fast meals and cheap price, in which people stopped attracted by the publicity of an nice and diligent service. The decorative line in its interior shone by its absence: a long bar to the right with abundant stools and the left several tables in line surrounded by soft plastic armchairs cheap. To the bottom, separated by a wood lattice window, there were several individual tables with fabric table cloths of a white colour aged and a pair of waiters who moved with skill.

He arrived with five minutes of delay, reason why Dr Hodgkins stared at looking for the presence of Christopher Norton. The waiter noticed of his gestures and with great amiability, according to he said in the motto of the premises, indicated to him that the man whom he looked for was in the tables of the bottom.

Christopher Norton, being sullen recriminated his delay to him, to which the shoulder Dr Hodgkins responded shrinking.

- I hope that it is important what he must say to me, to make me come until this place so separated - Dr Hodgkins took part.

- Of course. My time is very important - Christopher Norton replaced -. I have a new mission that to order you.

- I listen you.

A waiter, thin and high, long hair with wicks gathered on the head in bun dishevelled, that dressed jeans, white shirt and an apron of he himself colour approached towards them and she asked to they what was going to lunch. Christopher Norton requested a double hamburger by far ketchup and a little of sharp sauce. The Dr Hodgkins asked for roasted chicken and chips. Both they chose water to drink.

- We want that you watches Mary Fishers – Christopher Norton said, when the waiter moved away way of the kitchen.

- To what type of watching do you talks about?

- We want to have controlled her the twenty-four hours of the day. To know where who goes, which does, with meets…

- That is impossible - Dr Hodgkins interrupted, leaving itself to want.

- How that it is impossible, Dr Hodgkins? He does not come to me now with those. Both we know that yes.

- It could be. But logistically… - Dr Hodgkins let speak when the waiter with a great tray arrived that supported on the table, serving next, to each one, which had requested. He asked if they wished something more with a satisfaction smile and soon one went in the direction of another table -. Now he cannot be.

Christopher Norton took the hamburger, gave a bite it and ketchup scattered, staining the fingers to it. He left it on the plate and one cleaned to the mouth and the fingers with a napkin. Next he watched Dr Hodgkins, while this one separated with skill the skin of the chicken, and added with a smile itched:

- How much money? - Christopher Norton did not walk itself with doubts. When something resisted to him made use of the money. He knew that the money is the key that opens all the doors.

- How much money! - said Dr Hodgkins, incredulity showing.

- How much money wants to have watched her?

Finally Christopher Norton had surrendered to him and now he had him catched. He thought that had to remove a good slice from that situation and that the work of scientist in Microgensyn would send it to go to hell. An amount wrote on the leaf of a notebook that he extracted of a pocket. Christopher Norton watched out of position, took it his ball-point pen and wrote down another amount, right half. Dr Hodgkins pretended an annoyance face, but at heart relight itself because he would have accepted it by less money. He tended his hand to him and Christopher Norton narrowed it, without a weariness gesture, not accepting the treatment.

- I suppose that the watching obeys to that you distrust of Mary.

- As always, you are in the certain thing.

- And that everything comes from the supper which they maintained Mary and Jeff Colleman in Spain. Perhaps do you think that she is going to him to pass confidential information of your company to him? - Dr Hodgkins, capable, wanted to know the reasons that Microgensyn had to spy on Mary Fishers, having a feeling who in this subject also was involved Arthur Sullivan. Similar proposal could not divide of Christopher Norton since his position would gamble, knowing the important thing that Mary Fishers was for Microgensyn.

- The subject does not go that way. But we have reasons sufficient to distrust of her - Christopher spoke in plural - reason why create advisable to have watched her.

- If the problem is not that, perhaps it is the fusion with Bioconn - Dr Hodgkins said before devouring a piece of chicken thigh.

Christopher Norton raised the head and he observed him overwhelmed. That was a secret information that the people would only have to know who were present in the meeting.

- From where has removed you that hoax? - he asked, with sceptical tone.

- You know that I never play, nor I go of light. That information is real, you were present in the negotiation, and at the moment, in the market of the speculation, it is worth much money - Dr Hodgkins affirmed, without raising the head, whereas she punctured with the possessor last chips of his plate.

Christopher Norton always had despised the Dr Hodgkins. One was a mediocre scientist with more failures than successes, although he worked in an important laboratory. Of their vaccine project against the AIDS only the good intentions were worth the trouble to try it, since it did not advance no matter how hard he tried it. He believed to know him well, but he was not in the certain thing. All person is a set of qualities that are forming their personality and that each one expresses according to its convenience. Dr Hodgkins shone in a series of facets that Christopher Norton did not value, in spite of the rumours, and that he was discovering at the moment. Of timid character, he knew to protect itself with an aureole of mysterious and of uncertainty around itself that equipped him with an almost invulnerable strength. Now, Christopher Norton knew that, more than an ally, Dr Hodgkins could suppose an unexpected danger by the information torrent that handled.

He was called John Philip Hodgkins, although everybody knew him like Doctor Hodgkins. he worked in Horade Genetics many years ago where he had total freedom for, in addition to his work, to carry out some line of research, when he wished it or was interested in some subject. Lately truely he was obsessed with the vaccine of the AIDS, although to only its little talent for the genesis of hypothesis and ideas that made obtain some optimal result him, and because provided authentic given headaches him hardly if he dedicated the sufficient time to it. In the company he directed the Department of Institutional Relations and with the press, and was there where he obtained all the fruit of his reserved and sinister personality. That work provided the time to him sufficient to dedicate it to those workings that truly comforted to him and that in their company did not know. Although rumours, grotesque circulated everywhere and many-colored, about the activities that carried out, they were so outside place that nobody believed them. A laid the foundations affluent fame had won in intrigues it permanent, reason why always he was treaty by the others, more than with fear, respect.

The mention to the fusion project was a blow under which it fitted as it could. Account occurred that with it he tried to put letters on the table and to defy his great power. For that reason, from now on, he would change of strategy and would as far as possible deal it with extreme care, avoiding, any hint or phrase that could be removed from context and that the Dr Hodgkins could badly interpret. Although if he always arose problems would have left one more a trick than to use and than would be infallible: the money, true leader who moves the world.

Quickly, with the agility that was to him characteristic, when a subject did not interest to him, Christopher Norton changed of subject.

- I want that a thing knows - he affirmed.

- Which? - Dr Hodgkins asked, after drinking a little water, thinking that he was going to him to inform on the fusion of the two companies, and watching him with distrust.

- I have studied the proposal that you did to me in Spain… - a pause made brief, to create sense of expectancy, soon added -… I am working in it.

- Does not say to me! - he said gesturing -. And I can know what has been due east change of opinion?

- You are serving very valuable for Microgensyn that we create advisable to compensate, including him in our scientific organizational chart when east work finalizes – Christopher Norton responded, trying to flatter Dr Hodgkins.

- I will consider it and arrived the moment I will study his proposal with great interest - he responded with irony.

The meeting finalized with a handshake and an informal goodbye. Christopher Norton knew that his last proposal had not fructified by the little enthusiasm with which Dr Hodgkins pronounced itself and that this one was noticed of the change of subject, with which, without wanting, increased the curiosity of that one about the fusion of Microgensyn and Bioconn.
To be continued.........
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